Weight Loss Program BodyKey

can not
Lose Weight ?

Perhaps your genes
know why

Your Way NUTRILITE ™ to optimal weight

Nutrilite Health Institute, along with a group of academics, experts on healthy eating and fitness are combining efforts to find out how science can help to reveal the secret body’s response to diet and exercise and find the key to his ability to lose weight .

The fruit of their joint search was bodykey from NUTRILITE: weight loss program, based on your unique DNA and individual lifestyle.

To start this program, you’ll need a set of bodykey ™, which includes:

  • Set the sampling of genetic material that you have sent to our laboratory for DNA analysis
  • The annual access online features “My online trainer bodykey”, where our experts will not only develop your personal plan of diet and exercise, but nastavlyatymut, maintain and motivate you every step of the way to your desired weight
  • The range of products that will help you move to your new goal

Develop my Plan

Understanding your lifestyle and preferences is crucial in determining your personal nutrition plan and exercise. Therefore, under questioning develop my plan our experts will put you questions about your preferences in food and physical activity, as well as the usual mode of your day.

So you do not have to eat the most fish and go mountain biking, when in fact you prefer chicken and love to swim.

With access to the information you provide, our experts will be able to design your individual plan that helps you achieve long-term success.

my coach online bodykey ™

A key component of your program bodykey is an online feature my online coach bodykey.

The program bodykey of NUTRILITE group of scholars and experts on healthy eating and fitness, ready at any moment to come to your aid and continue to teach and inspire you towards optimal weight:

  • In step “Where To Begin” they mentally and physically prepare you for the start of the program until you expect the results of his DNA test
  • develop your daily eating plan and exercise
  • Suggest thousands of recipes for every taste, which correspond to the principles of the NHI
  • provide you with the necessary tools so that you can track your progress to success
  • recommend products that are best suited to you



Just be prepared to your individual nutrition plan and exercise, you can begin to order the products you recommended bodykey ™.

These delicious smoothies, soups, snacks and refreshing herbal tea will help you in all conditions adhere to the recommended meal plan, and control the size and caloric portions, reaching and maintaining their optimal weight.

NUTRILITE ™ knows!

To help you achieve your goals and keep the results, especially for bodykey of NUTRILITE we developed two important dietary supplement derived from natural sources: fat blocker that blocks 27% of fat in one meal, and carbo bloker (blocker carbohydrates), which blocks up to 500 calories per meal containing carbohydrates.

We also offer a complete range of dietary supplements NUTRILITE in support of the program.

To get more information about our dietary supplements, please visit www.bodykey.com.ua

DNA decide!

Recent studies have shown a clear correlation between your DNA and how your body responds to a particular type of food and exercise.

This is why scientists and experts working on bodykey of NUTRILITE ™ will analyze your DNA and, taking into account your preferences and lifestyle features, develop your individual plan of diet and exercise, in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute of Health Nutrilite (NHI).

  • This is simply: Take a sample of your DNA is easy! You can do this in the comfort of your own home
  • This is a confidential: Your sample will be sent anonymously
  • This high quality: Equipped with the latest technology Austrian laboratory certified to ISO

For more information about the testing process and our experts, please refer to www.bodykey.com.ua

Long success

Once you reach your optimal weight, you abundance of joy and immense sense of pride in themselves. You will feel great and much more confident, and that’s what we call success!

Since bodykey of NUTRILITE is the individual program, tailored to your needs and lifestyle, not only is it easy and pleasant to the process, but also inspire you to maintain your ideal weight in the future.

For more information, visit www.bodykey.com.ua

This program is not intended for mass treatment of any disease or eating disorders. That is why we have introduced certain limitations that should be considered before you register to participate in bodykey from NUTRILITE. For more information, visit the www.bodykey.com.ua