Diagnosis of facial skin machine SAM

S.A.M. – Professional analysis of the skin

Use natural methods and get rid of skin problems:

  • Blocked pores
  • The effects of tanning and sun
  • Pigmentation
  • Fat or dry skin
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Wrinkles and signs of aging
  • The impact of external factors

Find out today if your makeup is valid and does not have the signs of premature aging.

  • Do you have problems with the skin?
  • use the solarium or the summer sun?
  • Do you have a rough or shiny skin
  • can not find a suitable makeup?

S.A.M. – A new revolutionary technology that will help you to see firsthand what is happening with your skin.

  • high-tech, mobile device, where applicable safe black fluorescent light and a system of mirrors.
  • modern devices based on the use of this type of light used eye doctors, dermatologists and cosmetologists.

What’ll find may surprise you!

What can S.A.M.?

  • allows to analyze not only the surface of the skin, but also its deep layers.
  • shows skin fluorescence (like photo negatives), and various changes are painted in different colors.
  • allows you to set:
    – The place of blocked pores
    – Areas of fat and dehydrated
    – Damage caused by the action of sunlight, tanning, drugs and hormones
    – Spots
    – Subcutaneous congestion
    – Circulatory problems
    – Acne and its effects
    – Wrinkles and many other defects that are not visible to the naked eye.

  • allows to define in detail the type of skin
  • allows you to specify whether the cosmetics, which use, effective

Nice view – first care, and makeup. Use the advice of a cosmetologist, makeup artist

Make sure that the good can be your skin!

Using the machine SAM, an experienced specialist consultant will determine the source of problems and offer personalized solution that will give your skin a natural look and glow.

Your personal program will be based on the 3 stages: recovery, hydration and protection.

After 6-12 weeks, the consultant will conduct a control test to check the condition of the skin and the effects of its response to applied makeup and natural suplementy.

Welcome to the inspection apparatus SAM by appointment only. Also, we keep a client survey by appointment.

Recommended natural cosmetics and suplementy have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or refund.