Quantum magnetic resonance bioanalizator

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Bioanalyzer allows preliminary analysis of the state of health and reveals not only current diseases, but also those potential diseases that have not yet manifested themselves and can not be diagnosed in other ways, but their manifestation is very likely in the near future Future. This method allows you to timely prevent these diseases before the emergence of serious symptoms and prevent their further development.

Health is what people most want to save and least of all take care of. (J. Labriere)

How does it work?

The human body and its individual systems, being in different states, emit weak electromagnetic waves of various types. In a state of health, in a state of predisposition to a disease or in the development of pathology, the emitted electromagnetic signals are different. By measuring such signals, it is possible to evaluate the current state of a person and his individual organs and systems. This device, based on the principle of magnetic resonance, allows collecting data on electromagnetic signals of the human body and using computer analysis to create a health report.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Bioanalyzer allows

  • Quickly, within 1 minute to test the body for 38 systems and organs.
  • Receive exhaustive reports on the state of the organism with explanations and recommendations for correction of deviations.
  • Monitor current changes in health status.
  • Save money and time on primary physician consultations and tests.

In many medical centers, doctors conduct testing and counseling with the issuance of recommendations on similar equipment.

38 reports on the state of various organs and body systems

  1. Cardiovascular system
  2. Function of the digestive tract
  3. The condition of the liver
  4. Function of the gallbladder
  5. Function of pancreas
  6. Kidney function
  7. Lung function
  8. Condition of cranial nerves
  9. Bone condition
  10. Mineral density of bone tissue
  11. Rheumatoid diseases
  12. Blood sugar level
  13. Basic physical qualities
  14. Toxins
  15. Trace elements
  16. Prostate
  17. Male sexual function
  18. Gynecology
  19. Skin condition
  20. Endocrine system
  21. The immune system
  22. Breasts
  23. Vitamins
  24. Amino acids
  25. Allergens
  26. Eyes
  27. Obesity
  28. Bone growth index
  29. Coenzymes
  30. Body composition
  31. Collagen
  32. Function of large intestine
  33. Thyroid gland
  34. Heart beat and blood supply to the brain
  35. Blood lipids
  36. Sperm
  37. Menstrual cycle
  38. ADHD