Monitoring of living drop of blood

Does your body is in a state of biological equilibrium?

Maintaining health requires compliance homeostasis is balance in the body, and proper adaptation mechanisms to living conditions that are constantly changing.

What gives homeostasis of the body?

  • environmental pollution, air and water.
  • Stress.
  • Drugs, hormones and food allergens.
  • Modified foods, preservatives, artificial colors, and vitamins.
  • Poor nutrition, sugar, unnatural fats, excessive use of alcohol and other harmful drinks.
  • lack of exercise and improper weight loss.

The study of living drop of blood in a color field microscope is used to assess the homeostasis of the organism and its ability to adapt to environmental conditions that change.

You are weakening?
Do you feel a lack of energy?
Increased irritability?
Frequent colds?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Laboratory tests are normal?

Make a study of living drop of blood in a color field of the microscope and see what’s going on in your body!

What evaluates research?

  • View and aggregation of red blood cells (erotrotsytiv) responsible for oxygen transport.
  • The degree of activity of white blood cells (leukocytes) that are responsible for immunity.
  • Damage by free radicals blood cells (risk of cancer).
  • The presence of heavy metals and toxins.
  • The presence of parasites (larvae and eggs).
  • The presence of fungi.
  • Violation of digestion of proteins, fats and vyhlevodiv.
  • The presence of crystalline structures, plaque, uric acid crystals.
  • Lack of iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 (anemia).
  • The defeat bacteria.
  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Zakysnennya body.
  • dysfunction ‘liver and pancreas.
  • circulatory problems, the risk of heart attack, stroke.
  • allergies.
  • full value of water balance.

Flow Survey

  1. Requires one drop of blood of the patient.
  2. The blood live 10-20 minutes and looks at 1600h increase.
  3. Transmission pictures drop of blood through a microscope with a video camera on the screen allows you to see the state of the blood, take pictures or make videos.
  4. Certified Nutrition Consultant or Specialist physician interprets the test results, recommends correction that is based on the selection of an appropriate diet, natural applications to food, cleaning the intestinal parasites gathering herbs and natural methods.
  5. In the case of food allergies can be done as a test for intolerance to foods.
  6. If you notice signs of metabolic disorders – trace element analysis of hair.



Segregation erythrocytes

mature fungal colonies

cholesterol plaques

Uric Acid

What makes you study a drop of blood?

Gives an opportunity to identify features not exactly a healthy lifestyle through which worsened health. That is: to conduct research at preclinical level, seeing the foundation for future disease and exacerbated those who already have.

Lack of vitamins and minerals, the presence of fibrin fibers, which is involved in the creation of blood clots and may be the cause of heart attacks, thromboembolic incidents, and can be seen on the years before the traditional methods of diagnosis.

It is possible to estimate the state of the immune system and tend to develop diseases that result from its reduction, including cancer.

This is a unique opportunity for the introduction of a healthy lifestyle and use natural applications to food in order to reduce the risk of diseases of civilization.

Preparation for examination:

  • do not eat at least 3 hours before the test
  • to drink at least two glasses of water
  • mandatory pre-entry