Want to open your own office prophylaxis in Ukraine or abroad?

Looking for additional services to existing operations?

For several years, working with our partners we promote a healthy lifestyle and build awareness regarding healthy eating and taking care of yourself. The experience has allowed us to expand our activities and start working with doctors, laboratories and companies that just as we support prevention methods. Thus, we have developed a system of actions that are time-tested and means that much easier start new companies in the industry healthy lifestyle. All our services promote nature and the environment.

We have created a unique prevention program aimed at supporting a healthy body and full homeostasis. Restoring metabolic balance in the body and cleanse it of toxins give protection against diseases and support the body in good health.

We are looking for partners who want to open your own office health and wellness and existing preventive and beauty parlors wishing to expand their services on proven methods. Every company that works with us to offer a range of solutions developed, and our consultants, training and system of lectures (in different cities of Ukraine and Poland) will help to improve knowledge and customer service. The business model that we offer does not require any licensing fees, but includes a number of proven and years spent mechanism. This model will work for a private room but for a network of offices throughout Ukraine and abroad. Currently, our partners work in Ukraine, Poland, the USA and the UK.

Who we are looking for:

  • People who are interested in the idea of preventive health and diseases and the development of their own office or increasing the number of existing services;
  • companies, clinics, offices, physiotherapists wishing to expand their services to additional preventive methods;
  • persons related to the field of beauty and cosmetics and want to open or expand his cabinet beauty is based on proven methods;
  • institutions aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and environment: producers of healthy food, shops with natural products, health stores, gyms, fitness clubs;
  • physicians interested topic of prevention of metabolic diseases.

What we offer:

  • knowledge and assistance in professional activities in the field of healthy lifestyles;
  • support existing clinics to expand their services;
  • proven and effective methods of working, prevention and support the body;
  • direct access to the manufacturers and our other business partners;
  • The manufacturer’s warranty;
  • low cost to start and no licensing costs;
  • training in our services and working methods;
  • trademark and branding cabinet;
  • print ads and promotional materials for our services;
  • continuous cooperation with our consultants;
  • help in creating promotional materials for a particular office;
  • System Taking preventive health and beauty in different cities of Ukraine and Poland.

With our partners, we are implementing a program Clinic Health and Beauty Clinic, regular lectures doctors, nutritionists and consultants in cities such as Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Hust, Mukachevo, Jaroslaw, Rzeszow, Tarnow, Krakow , Katowice and others to promuvaty our ideas.

Join us if you are interested in cooperation or in expanding their services.

Call and our representative will be happy to make an application to the meeting. Tel .: +38 097 23 96 197 , or e-mail to the mailbox