Detoxification method ReVital

healthy body cells contain electrical charges (ions), while there is a perfect balance of proportions of positive and negative ions.
If the ideal proportion holds, then we are in a position of equilibrium, and our body operates on the principles to eliminate toxins and absorption of nutrient substances from food, water and oxygen. When our body is in disharmony, the cause of which is not proper nutrition, poor health or injury – cell receives a greater positive charge and the result is less effective and starts accumulating toxins. As a result, deteriorate the protective functions of the cell and its ability to cleanse itself.
It was to resume the point that a return inherent in the proportions of negative and positive ions takes the device Revital.

The procedure requires detoxification dipping feet in a special bowl filled with warm water and mineral salts.
The idea is not new, since for many years used the so-called electro-water bath. The novelty is the simplicity and accordingly zmodulovanyy current variable polarity and use a negative magnetic field.

Application of ReVital

  • The most important thing – cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals. During a session of the body are derived: phosphates, azotany, cadmium, lead, ammonia, and water get along with iron compounds released through the ionizer.
  • When inflammation of the joints and arthritis.
  • Effectively helps with excessive weight and tsylyuliti.
  • If the problems associated with the liver, kidneys and intestines, and skin problems, metabolic functions.

dipping feet

include device

after 10 minutes.

20 minutes.

30 minutes.

at the end

feet with approximately 2,000 pores, so well suited to such a procedure.


  • pacemaker,
  • wounds and skin infections that do not heal,
  • epilepsy,
  • pregnancy
  • transplanted organs
  • chemotherapy and radiation therapy – only under medical supervision.

When in doubt – consult your doctor!

For example, consider two practical cases patients:

One method of confirming the effectiveness of detoxification – a method of examination of blood under a microscope in a dark field of view.

1) The patient is 49 years legs and head pain, sleep disturbance and frequent constipation.

Figure 1

Figure 2

The first study patient’s blood (Figure 1) shows significant toxicity – large simplast. Simplast – a kind of garbage in the body, bunch of dead cells and metabolic products.

For detoxification was conducted 10 sessions with an interval of 3 days.
Analysis of blood under a microscope showed qualitative changes – no simplastiv.

stopped legs and head pain, improved sleep and overall health.

The microscope in dark field of view makes it possible to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the detoxification. Another method of assessment, which also gives a visible picture of the results of the method ReVital, but over a long period – a spectral analysis of hair.

thermal (infrared) radiation legs before and after the procedure:

2) patient age in ’39 with the disease of the gastro-intestinal tract (bloating, recurrent diarrhea), frequent headaches, menstrual irregularities, recurrent skin rashes.

The results of spectral analysis of the patient:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Due to the fact that the patient worked in an environment contaminated with heavy metals, it is advisable to make the spectral analysis of hair.

The first analysis (Figure 1) truly showed very high levels of mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead (stovbchyky red), although the permissible limits have not been exceeded. On the other hand, the level mikroelementyiv protecting ohanizm from the toxic effects of the above metals significantly undervalued – magnesium, iron, selenium, silicon.

After a 4-month and taking vitamins and minerals, as well as procedures for the device VeUiyiai, the picture has changed dramatically. The level of heavy metals have fallen, and some never been discovered. (Fig.2)

Nature laid down in the human body and optimal mechanisms of self-cleaning. In recent years significantly increased the aggressive influence of the environment (air, water, soil and food).

These factors are attacking our immune system and cause a variety of adverse effects, such as: fatigue, headaches, migraines, Cold, flu, skin conditions, unpleasant body odor, etc.

solution is detoxification of the body as an alternative in the prevention of diseases associated with the weakening of the immune system with the device ReVital